1.     Electrofusion welding process step by step, first, we must cut perpendicular the pipes in their ends so we can join them. Clean the ends of the pipes to take out the dirt with cellulosic paper. Approximately we will have to clean 50 cm.

2.     Take it out from the bag, we must use the fitting to mark on the pipe the minimum length that it must be scraped in each of the ends.  We will use the following measure: half of the length of the socket plus approximately 2.5 cm.

3.     To take out the superficial sheet marked around the ends we  must join, we  must use a scraper.
Never use emery cloth or sandpaper to scrap or clean.

4.     In this step, we must make sure we have scraped all the superficial area we have previously marked. To see if we have scraped all the internal part of the pipe, we must use a mirror if it is necessary.
Never touch with our hands the scraped areas.

5.     Take out the socket from the bag to read the label and so in this way we make sure  we have choosen the right measure.


6.     We will put the socket in one of the ends of the pipe to mark  the deepth of penetration when the central mark of the socket coincides with the ends of tthe pipe.

We will perform again the same operation in the other end of the pipe we are going to join.

7.     In this moment, we must put in the socket the ends of the pipes and fix all the system in the aligner, we must press softly.

We must make sure that the pipes has been introduced totally up to the deepth of penetration mark and that the socket is perfectly centred in the aligner.

8.     We must be careful with the electrical current, if it comes from a power generator, we must always make sure that the frequency is 50Hz and that the output tension is permanent at 220±1%. If it is not in this way, the machine will be damaged.

We must always check that there is sufficient fuel in the generator, to be able to achieve the fusion period and calibrate periodically the machines.

9.     We will take out the plugs that protect the ends of the socket and we will connect the wires to them. Look the fusion time that shows the fitting and load it in the machine.

We will start up the machine by pushing the start bottom and we will control that the fusion cycle is complete.

10.  Let cool the socket in the aligner without moving it during the time indicated in the label.

11.  Remove the wires and dismount the aligner. We will visually test the joining and that the fusion burrs have appeared.

12.  The installer, on the pipe or fitting, will mark with a water-resistant felt tip  his  Specialist Card number in the installation of plastic pipings, the hour and  date of beginning and end of the cooling time.

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